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Lorna & Rory - Merrydale Manor - Cheshire Wedding Photo and Film

Arriving early on to Merrydale Manor it was clear to us what a day it was going to be, incredibly special. We were greeted with the fountain whooshing and the birds tweeting. The staff ensured everything was arranged as it should be and showed us around. They spoke so kindly to us from the moment we arrived. Nothing was too much for them!

Merrydale Manor Drone Shot Aerial
Merrydale Manor Drone Shot

Lorna was just arriving with her bridal party as we got to her suite. The entire place was immaculate. There was ample room for everyone to spread out and get ready in an easy stress free way.

Her dress hung elegantly from a perfectly placed hook in the centre of the wall. The gown purchased from The Bridal Lounge was absolutely breath taking…

We got a few photographs of the ladies getting ready, Zara was on hand ensuring that a hair was not out of place whilst the very wonderful magic mirror make up was on it with all things lips and lashes. They all wore thick robes with their roles embroidered into the back, they looked comfortable and so beautiful whilst getting ready!

We went off to the absolutely awesome cave which is simply ideal for four men… a football table, an arcade machine and alcohol beverages on tap. Not too shabby! They got ready at hast ensuring they were ready to greet their day guests. I have never seen anything quite like this room before, such a great place for the men to get ready!

We got a few candid shots of the boys and headed back to the lovely Lorna who was still as cool as a cucumber! Fresh flowers arrived by Parsley and Sage and were handed out to the appropriate people by the lovely Vicky who coordinated their day to an exceptional standard.

Everyone was ready to go, the bridesmaids were just stunning, mum of the bride blew everyones socks off and Lorna had everyone welling up! Beyond beautiful… her father agreed as he greeted her from the bottom of the stairs with the biggest smile.

The Harpist - Elinor Nicholson played beautifully whilst everyone found their seats!

Walking down to greet her future husband we spotted the smallest amount of nerves from Rory, soon that washed away when reaching out for her hand. It was a beautiful moment, the whole room went silent whilst they made their vows to one another.

Finally they walk out husband and wife, sharing their future together! Confetti flooded them, smiles, laugher and a massive amount of love was surrounding them both by all of their nearest.

The guests enjoyed a drink outside and we managed to get those all important portrait images which turned out incredible…

We can’t wait to share more with everyone!

The meal was demolished, everyone anxiously awaited speeches… fear not as they all smashed it out the park. Nothing to worry about!!

Evening guests arrived and both Lorna and Rory couldn’t wait to embrace the evening and finally get a decent drink, weddings are hard work! We got some beautiful images of them cutting their cake from Bloomsbury Cakes followed shortly by their amazing first dance brought to them by The A Band. We loved being a part of your day, we felt like your friends. Thank you for choosing us, it truly was spectacular… We wish you all the love and happiness in the world!

Aaron and Victoria

Evans Photography and Film xxxx

Merrydale Manor bride

Merrydale Manor groom

ceremony Merrydale Manor

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